Update 10th Sep 2013

All accounts are transferred successfully. We have disabled access of the old server from the public to avoid any conflict.

The old server will be taken offline permanently and all data will be wiped after 7 days. If you see any problem with your website, please contact us immediately at https://www.cyberultra.net/submitticket.php


Dear Server 2 Customer,

Thank you for choosing Cyber Ultra Network as your hosting provider. We are glad to announce that a new server is setup recently and we are ready to move your account to it in order to provide a faster and more stable hosting environment.

The new server has stronger CPU, faster RAM, latest OS, and more importantly SSD Accelerated Drives in RAID10 which will enhance the server read/write speed significantly! It also adopts CDP backup so no more slowness during account backup.

Old Server IP:
New Server IP:

The migration will start within 24 hours and the estimated time for accomplishment is 3 days. Action required from your side depends on the name servers you set for your domain name. First, check the name servers of your domain name at http://www.whois.net/

Case 1: ns3 & ns4.cyberultra.net or ns3 & ns4.unifiedns.com
No action is required

Case 2: Your customer name servers ie: ns1 & ns2. {yourdomain.com}
Change the IP address of both your name servers to

Case 3: Other name servers
Change the name servers of your domain names to ns3.cyberultra.net & ns4.cyberultra.net. Or set A record to

Any DNS changes needs to be done within a week before the old server is taken offline to avoid any downtime.

More updates will be posted in this page and http://fb.com/cyberultra/ . Please "Like" our facebook page for any latest update.

If you have any enquiries about the migration, please do not hesitate to contact us at https://www.cyberultra.net/submitticket.php

The Management
Cyber Ultra Network

Sunday, September 1, 2013

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