Cyber Ultra Network is committed to assisting your website in speeding past its competition. We deploy enterprise grade hardware and the latest versions of stable software. The result is a guaranteed uptime on blazing fast servers. As a testament to this commitment, we are now running LiteSpeed on all our servers by default. LiteSpeed is the next generation alternative for Apache.

The upgrade would reduce the load time for your PHP websites, forums, eCommerce stores, WordPress blogs, etc. by 50 to 80 percent. The natural outcome should be – easier navigation, higher user engagement rate and more business. Your customers will no longer have to wait while they are browsing through your website.

Why LiteSpeed?

Designed for reliability and speed, LiteSpeed is the future. The new technology makes up for all the shortcomings in Apache.

LiteSpeed has resolved the known security loopholes in Apache. The application layer is protected from the HTTP request layer. Several inbuilt security measures – chroot jail, IP level bandwidth throttling, connection level accounting, strict HTTP request checking, URL context filtering, etc. – curb the threats to a server from DDoS attacks.

The Benefits of LiteSpeed over Apache:

• Up to 80% faster when serving PHP requests
• Up to 900% faster when serving static content
• Up to 3X faster in SSL through hardware acceleration
• Scales better than Apache to handle a spike in traffic
• Ability to handle thousands of HTTP requests concurrently
• Fully compatible with Apache configuration files and mod_rewrite rules
• Low RAM usage
• Built in Anti-DDoS measures
• Instant recovery from service failure
• Improved shared hosting end user experience

While most web hosting companies are unable to make the move due to technical complications or cost overheads, we are one of the firsts in the industry to invest in and complete a smooth transition. All our existing and new customers enjoy the various benefits of LiteSpeed at no additional cost.
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Sunday, September 7, 2014

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