How do I setup my email account in Outlook Express?

Please follow the steps below for configuring in Outlook Express.

Step 1: Startup Outlook Express. Click on “Tools” > “Accounts” > “Add” > “Mail”.

Step 2: Enter your name as you would like it to appear in the “From” field of outgoing message > click “Next”.

Step 3: Enter your full e-mail address (For example: > click “Next”.

Step 4: Select “POP3” for your incoming mail server. Enter your mail server name for both incoming & outgoing mail server (For example: > click “Next”.

Step 5: Enter your account name (same as your full e-mail address, for example: and password > click “Next”.

Step 6: Click “Finish”. The Internet Accounts window redisplays.

Step 7: In the account list, select the account that you just created.

Step 8: Click on “Properties”

Step 9: Choose the “Servers” tab

Step 10: Tick the “My server requires authentication” checkbox.

Step 11: Click “Apply” > “OK” > “Close”.

After creating a mail account through the cpanel you have to provide the entire mail address with the domain name and the password while configuring the Outlook Express.


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