How long an expired domain name can be released and re-registered?

When a domain name has become expired, you have at least 7 days to renew and re-activate it, it is called the renewal allowed period.

Once this period has past the domain name will go into a "Pending Delete Restorable" period. You may still be able to re-activate your domain name but with a much higher price, for example it can be up to $69.99 for a .com domain.

Most clients are reluctant to pay the hefty restoration fee and wait until the domain name to become available to the public and re-register it at normal price, although it may risk the domain name being taken by the other party and losing the domain name perpetually.

The timeframe for a domain name to become available for public registration varies for each extensions. The below table shows the number of days after expiry that a domain will be released for re-registration. If the extension of your domain name is unavailable below, please contact us.

.com      - 51 days
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