Migration Complete! (Last Update: 5th Sep 2011 2:20AM CET+8):

Server migration is completed! Please check your web site carefully!

If you encounter any problem, or find any data is missing, please submit a ticket IMMEDIATELY. So that we can retrieve them from the old server while it is still online.

If you are not using our name servers and your site is inaccessible, please set the A record of your domain to


Dear Customer,

First off our apologies for the recent server downtimes that you have been experiencing. Our techs have worked hard to fix the issue and it has came to a conclusion that the current server is no longer fit to host accounts. After much discussion, we have decided to setup a new server and migrate all accounts to it.

Unlike our previous migrations, we are also transferring name server IPs to the new server. So this time it is very seemless to almost all customers. As long as the name servers of your domain name are

ns3 & ns4.cyberultra.net
ns3 & ns4.unifiedns.com
ns1 & ns2.yourdomain.com (points to

NO action is required from your end.

Only customers who are not using our name servers need to update the IP address of their domain names to the new one.

You can check the name servers of your domain name at http://www.whois.sc/

The server is currently being built and we will update this notice as soon as there is more information available.

As this is an urgent migration, we will start as soon as the new server is ready. We expect to complete the migration within a week. Before it completes, it is highly possible that you will still face some occasional short downtimes.

Again, we are extremely sorry for all the inconveniences. Everybody in Cyber Ultra Network is definitely doing all we can to offer the most stable service we can, however things do happen. We hope that you can tolerate with us at the mean time.


The Management,
Cyber Ultra Network

Thursday, September 1, 2011

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